Last time on ‘Will Read For Food’…

For anyone who might be curious, I’ve decided to put this post with links to some of my old posts here (in order of most recent to least).

will read for food

  • READING GOALS: A Shame Filled Update – An update on my 2017 Reading Goals. It’s not as successful as I’d hoped it would have been by this point of the year. Read my flop here.
  • It’s been a minute… – My February wrap-up. It was abysmal. 
  • Wishlist: Bookish Subscription Boxes! – The post in which I tell you all my subscription dreams. See any of interest?
  • ARC Review: Don’t Tell Anyone by Eleanor Gray – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Read my review, here.
  • My Top 5: West Indian Novels that shaped me (Non-Fiction) – Interested in reading outside of the typical North American/European setting? Then try these.
  • Thanks A Lot… – Otherwise referred to as my January wrap-up.
  • My Top 5: Podcasts – Before the great LG G4 boot loop of 2017, I used to listen to a lot of podcasts. These were my top five.
  • Black Feathers; Dark Avian Tales: An Anthology – This anthology was everything, and I HAD to review it. Read my review here.
  • Movies Are Coming – Movie adaptations that I am looking forward to: are here.
  • My Top 5: West Indian Novels that shaped me (Fiction) – More West Indian novels.
  • 2016 is over – AKA Best of… – My favorite books that I read last year.
  • NaNo Update & November Wrap-up – I did NaNoWriMo last year and it was amazing. This was my update.
  • My Top 5: Favorite Ships – Because I am an eternal shipper and HEA-er. Join me in my eternal romanticism.
  • The Visitor by Christopher Chase Walker – This book was spooky and perfect, so I reviewed it.
  • My Top 5: Fanfictions – Because sometimes fanfictions are the most brilliant works of art. Join me.
  • Elements of Horror – That time that I tried being analytical while writing a novel and pretending to read. LOL.
  • Happy Halloween!!! – My October 2016 wrap-up.
  • Spookathon Wrap-Up – This readathon was fun.
  • The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon – What a beautiful piece of art. My review.
  • I’ve read thiiiiiis much! – September 2016 wrap up, please. You’re welcome!
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves. – Robin Talley broke me.
  • Albus You Dummy! – In which I got to re-enter the Wizarding World for a few moments more.
  • The End. – August 2016 wrap up, can be found: here.
  • How is it August?July 2016 wrap up.
  • Zoo: True to Form? – I watch the TV show and I decided that I needed to read the book. Bad idea.
  • June Wrap-Up – This was the moment that Sylvain Neuvel ruined me. Holy cliffhanger, Batman.
  • The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey – Apparently this is a series?
  • The Lunar Chronicles: Winter – What a series. Thank you, Marissa Meyer.




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