Guilty as Charged

You know those moments when real life get’s to be too much and so you have to find some mindless entertainment? Well, these five things are what I turn to for solace.

Rupaul’s Drag Race


I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. ALL! The makeup, the clothes, the reading! Oh, and The Snatch Game? More, IMMEDIATELY.



I’ve watched every episode that’s been aired, but I’m severely behind on Untucked. Such a travesty.





Skin wars


Two words: Mama Ru! Two more: Body art. Any questions? No? Good. Moving on.






Another no brainer. I have lost count how many times I’ve re-watched this show. When I was younger I always wanted a sister (never got one – sad times) so finding this show helped fulfil that desire. Now to find two women to complete the power of three so we can fix the world…


power of three




Property Brothers

property bros.gif

Just…take a moment and absorb that gif.


You done? Ok. Moving on.




Worst Cooks in America


You know that one person/thing that makes you feel less of a hot mess? This show does that for me. It’s not a nice thing to think but…sometimes your self confidence needs a boost and this is the quickest way. Let me have this. Please?


worst cooks.gif

Did I mention that there is always a redemption arc for the participants? Even if it’s just them learning to cook one meal, they leave accomplishing something. Come through personal growth!


If you’re curious about what I’m watching at any given time, I have a TV Time account that you could peruse (no obligations).



Should I do a guilty pleasures ‘movies’ edition? Let me know!


Dee ^_^


11 thoughts on “Guilty as Charged

      1. It’s kinda funny to rank them in order of drama – like Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Ink Master are totally OTT, then there’s Project Runway and Design Star (omg, my heart broke so much when that didn’t get renewed) with drama, but also actual focus on the design. And then there’s Face Off which is almost 100% drama free (except season 1, tho it looks like they backed away from that model real quick there). Funny to think of them as being on a continuum…

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