Stephen King Addiction: An Update

After reading Insomnia a few months back, I vowed to read at least one King per month until I’ve read them all.


The book that started it all…



So far, I’ve been doing really well.

I’ve managed The Mist. I also caved and watched the Netflix series, and again I should have listened to the internet’s advice on that front. That was a struggle to finish, let me tell you.


The Shining – I had a harder time with this one than I was expecting, and I tried moving on to Doctor Sleep (The Shining #2), but I couldn’t do it. Instead I went on to read a book that gave me exactly what I was hoping to get from this highly recommended King novel.


Slowly making my way through Pet Sematary (which I’m loving!). There is so much nostalgia wrapped up in the movie for me, so I’m estatic that this book is living up to my expectations.


I reaaaaaally want to get to It, but that book is mammoth so I need to plan for that one. This isn’t a book that you just jump into, so I’m going to make my way up to it.



So which one do you recommend I pick up next?ย 11/22/63, Salem’s Lot or The Tommyknockers? Something else entirely?


I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, is there any one author who’s work you just HAVE to work your way through?

Dee ^_^


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