Tropes! Tropes everywhere!

Look, I admit these are sometimes overdone, or not always well done. But…I can’t help myself okay, so…just let me live!



Hate to love / Friends to lovers

Blame the hardcore fanfiction addict that I used to be for this one. This was one of the most prevalent tropes out there, and I fell for every one. The beauty of a blossoming relationship and two characters finally seeing each other for who they really are, just gets to me. I’m a sucker, so sue me!


10 things i hate about you
One of the first times I saw this trope used, and I loved it #10ThingsIHateAboutYou





Redemption arc

Who doesn’t love it when a character with less than stellar motives/personality etc shows some much-needed sense and grows into someone more likable? Just me? Oh well. Real life works very much like that so maybe that was why I liked that.


changed for good
Love changes everything? Maybe? #Wicked







Antagonists you just love to hate

Think the Darkling. He is the definition of evil and yet, he’s so bloody charismatic that you can’t help but fall under his spell. I gladly walk towards this evil.


the good kind of bad
Being bad isn’t always so bad.








Emotional endings / All of the angst!

There is clearly something very wrong with me that I voluntarily look for books that will break my heart and stomp on my feelings. But, it is what it is. I like the rollercoaster.

it hurts so good
Break me daddy!!!!







Even though I love angst, I want there to be some kind of payoff. There must be some semblance of the struggle was worth it. Unless the book tells me from the get-go that I’m not going to get that. (i.e TBDATE) or it’s done really well (i.e Our Dark Duet)

Blame my obsession with fairy tales #DisneyGeneration #Disney5Ever




What tropes do you think you can’t help yourself with?


Dee ^_^

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