Here’s to 2018 – Reading Goals

Before I go into my new reading goals, there are two things I want to address. First of all



happy new year gif images



Secondly, there will be no December wrap up, because I only read one book for the entire month: My True Love Gave to Me by Stephenie Perkins. I gave this one 3.7 stars as there were more stories that I enjoyed than I didn’t. I finished nothing in November, so in that regard, December was a success…


Now, on to the real reason that we’re all here: Reading Goals.




Finish at least three of my series in progress.


Currently, I’m in the middle of 19 series. I hope to reduce that number (though the likelihood is that I’ll finish a series and somehow add two more), but your girl can hope.




Read at least 5 West Indian Novels


The goal to read more WI books was on my 2017 goals, but I figure if I’m more specific this time around I might be more successful.





Finish at least 75% of the books already started in 2017


I need to clear up my ARC backlogs and finish the books that I was enjoying but got distracted from finishing. I’m not going to force it, but I’d love to be able to do this one because I HATE leaving things undone.





For every book added to my TBR at least two should be removed


Honestly, my TBR is getting out of hand (she says as if it hasn’t always been out of hand), so I need to manage it better. So, to be clear for every new book I add, two of the originals should be read or removed.






Catch up on 2017 most anticipated


I’ve read most of my 2017 most anticipated, with the exception of two or three books, so this one is technically the easiest to accomplish. We’ll see.



Bonus goals:


Continue my 1 King a month, and add in 1 Austen per month as well.


Until next time, keep reading


Dee ^_^

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