More Monday – Standalones that I wish had sequels

aka The time I had trouble saying goodbye


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You guys! I have a problem with letting go. I admit that. And now, here we are with a list that shouldn’t even exist except for my odd clinging to their world.





(and Carry On by extension)



In the case of Carry On, I just want more of Simon and Baz’ love story, and I want to know that they both get to live that normal and happy life that they deserve. I want to know if maybe Simon gets his powers back. Maybe. Hopefully?

For Fangirl, I just want to see Cath flourish into the amazing author that she can be. I want to see her road to publication while balancing a personal life. I want the mundane, everyday story of her and Wren’s life post-college.





Eleanor & Park




Maybe that’s what my relationship with Rainbow Rowell’s work will always be. Me, left wanting more. In this case, I just want more of an ending. Their story is ended so abruptly that I can’t help but think it was intended to have a sequel, but that it never came through. Maybe…




The Upside of Unrequited



I would have added Simon here as well, but we’re getting Leah on the Offbeat, so I’m content for now. Honestly, this addition is just me wanting to be a nosy sneak. I wanna see all of Molly’s future relationships. Does she finally find ‘the one’? Or maybe she and *name redacted* stayed together. I hope so.



One of Us is Lying




I feel like this one may not be necessary either because I hear that it’s getting a tv series adaptation, but still. I’m here for the ships. That’s all.



Pride and Prejudice




Did Darcy really get his shit together, or was his confession of love just a temporary leave of his sensibilities? Who else does he unwittingly shun? What about the other Bennet sisters???? Come on. I. Need. To. Know!


What are the stories that you find hard to let go?


Dee ^_^

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