Fandom Friday – As good as the real deal.

aka the time I couldn’t be happier to talk about fanfiction.


How do I get this as a phone case, laptop cover, t-shirt, sweater…you get the idea.


It’s all about Fanfiction today and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that fanfiction is becoming more mainstream. I remember in the early years of reading and writing fic, people would make snide comments and stereotype us as ‘overweight, single and lonely women who were bored with their lives”. Now there are mainstream media stories about its merits. Never thought I’d see the day!


Okay, enough reminiscing about the olden days, on to the real reason that we’re all here: FANFICTION*.


*(For anyone who might be confused, fanfiction is a genre of writing loosely based on a tv show/movie/book. It can be as tame as fluffy childhood stories or as raunchy as Fifty Shades of Grey which began as a Twilight fic. The three biggest websites for fanfiction are: fanfiction.netwattpad  and tumblr. )




Usually, I stick to T or M rated stories, the fascination of which started when I tried filling the void left by the abandoned Midnight Sun manuscript. This was what started me in fanfiction in the first place and I haven’t looked back since. I love stories of Renee and Charlie before things went kaput, but mainly I just like to read stories of my favorite couples being normal. No more Volturi lurking around the corner, and no Renesmee (sorry Jake).




Harry Potter


Here is where my writing of fanfiction began. I wanted more, and that epilogue just teased me. I wanted to see Rose and Scorpius become ‘a thing’. I wanted to see Teddy grow up and have his own family. I just…wanted. Of course, this was pre-Cursed Child, which completely threw my story so far out of canon that I can’t even. But this was the beginning. Reading wise, I love reading New Generation stories (the kids of our favorite kids) and Marauders fics. James and Sirius’ shenanigans needs documenting dammit, and if J. K won’t give us, I’ll find it elsewhere.




Carry On


This one was a veeeery recent addition to my addiction. I already talked about my problems letting go so I won’t reiterate.


Honourable mentions (fandoms I used to read but haven’t in a while)


Remember Me – he shouldn’t have died. That’s all.

Vampires – usually original paranormal fics. It filled a hole before I got into J.R Ward and Lara Adrian.


Are you a fanfic reader? Are you curious?? If you need or have any rec’s, lemme kno!


Dee ^_^




4 thoughts on “Fandom Friday – As good as the real deal.

  1. Hell yes!!!! Fanfiction is awesomeness!!!!
    Also, Carry On is like Harry Potter fanfiction on steroids as it is – so, yeah. Make of that would you will! 🙂
    Also Scorbus is my Cursed Child otp thank you very much! (Scorpius is a precious cupcake for life.) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never considered it that way…but that explains why I love Carry On so much…interesting.

      Also, before Cursed Child I was always team ScoRose, but now I’m so torn between the two. (I read them both lol)

      So glad someone else sees Fanfiction for all the wonder that it is.

      Liked by 1 person

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