Tiny Infinities by J. H. Diehl – Mini Review (ARC)

AKA the time all the tiny infinities added up.

When Alice’s dad moves out, leaving her with her troubled mother, she does the only thing that feels right: she retreats to her family’s old Renaissance tent in the backyard, determined to live there until her dad comes home. In an attempt to keep at least one part of her summer from changing, Alice focuses on her quest to swim freestyle fast enough to get on her swim team’s record board. But summers contain multitudes, and soon Alice meets an odd new friend, Harriet, whose obsession with the school’s science fair is equal only to her conviction that Alice’s best stroke is backstroke, not freestyle. Most unexpected of all is an unusual babysitting charge, Piper, who is mute—until Alice hears her speak. 


There’s absolutely nothing spectacular about this book. It isn’t about a great adventure or a life-changing heartbreak. But that’s what makes it so beautiful. Alice is a regular girl going through something that many others have had to – parents breaking up. She’s struggling to adjust as is expected and yet, the journey isn’t hard to witness. It’s smooth, almost calming to me. Don’t get me wrong, there are hard moments, but they aren’t unexpected, or too much to handle. It doesn’t wreck you (I’m looking at you Silvera).

I wish there was more Piper (my one real criticism) because I feel like the synopsis promised me that. I was expecting more moments of just the two of them understanding each other, no push to speak because their interactions were a thing to behold. But the moment Piper spoke the first “words”? It was as if I were witnessing my own child’s first words. If for no other reason, THIS should be why you pick this one up. To be privy to a miracle.
Harriet is the friend we all need and that Alice deserves, well, she get’s there eventually. She is fiercely determined and brilliant. Find you a Harriet!
I reeeeeeally don’t like Mr. Phoebe. Understand that he’s hurting yes, hate how he’s lashing out, absolutely. Actually, all of the parents in this book could use some work. They’re all varying degrees of trash, and that’s the truth.
150 pages to go and I was dreading the fact that it would be over. I liked this little world, as broken as it was. Alice needed me to bear witness to her grief. Harriet needed a science partner. Piper needed someone to put in the work. I couldn’t leave them.
If I had one word to describe this book it would be understated. It sinks into you without you noticing. It’s a tiny infinity.

My rating – 5 stars

(I might be back now? Idk.)


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