Hold me accountable!

You guys,


I have the biggest review backlog that I’ve ever had, and yet I cannot find it in myself to finish the books let alone write the review. What’s worse, some of the books I haven’t even started! And it’s nothing against the books either, it’s all on me this time.


How do I make myself sit down and get these reviews done when there are so many amazing new releases or favorites to reread…and new movies and tv shows and…gah!


So…here’s what I’m asking of you, every time you see me on twitter (deereadsforfood) or insta (deereadsforfood) or goodreads (Dee Dee deereadsforfood) doing anything other than updating progress ask me how my review backlog is going. Please?


Maybe the added pressure might help.




How do you all cope with reading when there are so many distractions around?



Dee ^_^


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