Books that I read in High School (Required)

You guys are going to think I’m obsessed with her…but I saw this one over on Kristin Kraves (AGAIN). She’s just been very inspiring lately okay?



I could narrow it down to just 5 books, so instead, I’ll do 5 categories.





Macbeth was my first full-fledged introduction to his plays and my classmates and I were LIVING for the drama. Lady Macbeth was brutal but determined, which I could admire, but she and her husband needed to take it down a notch or ten. RELAX!

King Lear


King Lear

There was certainly a theme with Shakespeare’s plays, and especially the ones that my Literature teachers chose: a touch of madness. I really enjoyed this one, all the backstabbing and family drama. I think I’ll read this one again in the near future.





Much Ado About Nothing


Much Ado About Nothing

Who doesn’t love a scandalous wedding drama? Nobody, that’s who! This one wasn’t my favorite but it was intriguing enough to keep me interested during those evening classes. I would recommend this one only if you have a high tolerance for poorly communicating characters.






West Indian

Green Days by the River


Green Days by the River (Caribbean Writers Series)


Remember when I said that my Lit teachers lived for the drama? This one was nothing but clutch-your-pearls level drama. But it’s also relatable. Boy moves to a new neighborhood and falls for the girl next door. Except, her daddy isn’t here for it. If you can get your hands on this one, I highly recommend it.







A Separate Peace


A Separate Peace


This one was not a good experience for me. It was slow, and it wasn’t even a story that interested me in the least. On top of that when I read this one I wasn’t too fond of the teacher and the way she made Lit uninspired. I don’t think it’s a horrible book, but it just wasn’t for me.



The Pearl


The Pearl


When I read this one on my own I enjoyed it. When I read it in class it was torture. I have never had a book drag on for so bloody long! Good Lord, it was awful and it wasn’t helped by that MAJOR EVENT that happened.






Harriet’s Daughter


Harriet's Daughter

This is a frustrating book to read because here was this little girl, determined to DO something, to honor the struggles of her ancestors, and she was being told that she couldn’t. This was one of the first moments that I truly saw myself in a book, that I fully connected with the main character and their message. Try it, you just might like it.





Death of a Salesman


Death of a Salesman


Attention must be paid! Willy Loman is such a broken character and I think he birthed a love of broken characters in me. This is where it all began.





The Glass Menagerie


The Glass Menagerie

This one was interesting and sad. But honestly, I could only feel so sad for them, because they brought it on themselves. If they would just stop for two seconds and stop pushing things would work out. Instead, they used and manipulated and gah.



What books did you read in high school that have stayed with you?



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