You again? – Books I’d reread any day!

I’ve had a sudden urge to reread books recently and so I thought I’d talk about the books that I’d reread any day, especially since I’m not really big on rereading. It feels too much like English Lit class. But…yet, here I am…so idk.


Anything by Becky Albertalli

She leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and for that, I can definitely keep coming back.



Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I’ve spoken several times about the love I have for these characters and this world so I won’t go into it again. Just know that I love my SnoBaz with all my heart. Their love is lovely.



The HP series

This one should be obvious right? Like, anyone who loves Harry Potter can relate. Right????



Charlotte’s Web

It’s so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Honestly, if an author can master blending both those things in a book, I. Am. Here. For. It.




History is all You Left Me/TBDATE

As much as these books broke me, I adored every moment of it. The hurt was worth it, and I want to be hurt by them again.


This post has left me feeling like reading all of these RIGHT NOW! So…maybe…that’s just what I’ll do. (In fact, after I decided to do this post I’ve read HP and the Philosopher’s Stone).

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