One Year on WordPress!

aka It’s our anniversary




Can you believe it’s been one year since I switched over to this platform? I can hardly believe it myself!


This past year has been…a rollercoaster to say the least. There has been so much loss and failures but, above all, there have been successes.



My year at a glance:


Received over 200 likes

Gained over 35 followers

Published over 80 posts

Read approximately 75 books

Reviewed 14 books (not including wrap-ups)

Started a bookstagram

Contemplated booktube

Found new favorites and reexamined old favorites (and not so favorites)



These things might not seem like a lot for you, but it means the world to me.


Plus, I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on this whole blogging thing (she says while crossing her fingers and praying nothing goes wrong in the near future). There hasn’t been a month that I’ve not uploaded, I’ve done tags, I’ve done memes, I’ve done reviews…what’s next?


I look forward to another year on here.



I also want to say thank you to those of you who continue to come back, post after post (and even the ones who drop in every once in a while).



Thank You


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