Fictional Faves

aka I didn’t finish the Tag so I made one of my own?



Favorite Uncle

That one character that you wish was in your family.

Sirius ‘my heart is yours’ Black.

p.s. You can choose an aunty too! No discriminating. I just wanted to be able to include Sirius so I used uncle.



Favorite Troublemaker

This is self-explanatory, right? Trouble and this character are symbiotic.


Kaz ‘what are feelings’ Brekker. Granted, his trouble is always for the benefit of his crew, but still! Chill sometimes, yeah?


(Or the Weasely twins)



Favorite Magical Couple

Their magic doesn’t just stop when the fighting is over.


Simon and Baz (gah, the swooning) made even swoonier by my recent re-read.





Favorite non-magical Couple

So magic doesn’t flow in their veins, but it’s in their blood.


Simon and Blue (maybe my favorite thing is guys named Simon?) But also, gaaah! The mushiness is real with these two.




Favorite best friend duo/group.

Their friendship almost rivals the greatest love stories in history.


Since I created this I’m going to cheat a little and say AIDAN and Kady. I mean, is he not merciful? Ha!


If you do this one, please tag me, I’d love to hear your answers.


Dee ^_^

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