Best books of 2018 – so far.

Aka I’ve missed you!



It feels good to be back, but I’m going to be taking this slow. We don’t want my mojo to disappear again…


Without further ado, I give you the five books that I haven’t been able to forget about since I’d read them. 5 stars only of course, because otherwise there was no way I could narrow this list down to anything reasonable.


The Hate U Give


I cannot wait for this movie, which I hope does justice to the book because this book deserves our best. It’s raw so don’t expect to use it to escape from the real world but it’s also entertaining and beautiful. Well worth the hype if you ask me. Starr is one of the better characters I’ve ever come across.





Leah on the Offbeat


This one has caused split opinions in the book community and I seem to be in the minority for my love of THIS version of Leah over Simon’s Leah. I understood this Leah’s motives and emotions a lot better than I did when I first met her in Simon vs. I think you should give this one a try and form your own opinions though.






Carry On


I’m so pleased that I still love this one! That it wasn’t just me being caught up in the hype of the fandom. I read this while in a completely different mindframe than the first time around, and yet I still loved it. Baz and Simon were still overly adorable and hopeless and gah! I can’t wait for book 2.







HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban


This has always been my favorite of the HP books mainly because we meet Sirius and we finally get rid of Scabbers. Ugh. Plus, the time turner is an invention that I reaaaally wish was real.





Tiny Infinities


This one just resonated with me. I cannot get it out of my mind. It’s so simple and beautiful, I need more stories like these. Plus, would you look at THAT COVER?! I mean, come on!




To be fair, I had quite a few 5 star reads this year, that could easily have made it onto this list, but these are my top 5. It was hard to choose just five though.


Which books have stuck with you so far?


Dee ^_^

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