What I read in August

aka it was a hard month, but it paid off.


I started off August with high hopes and free time, unfortunately, things slowed down towards the last two weeks and thus we have:



To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before




I loved all of the soft, squishy feelings this book gave me. Peter was adorable in both the book and the movie (even though he pretended to be anything but), Lara Jean was adorably pure and gah. So cute.

(If overly cute, juvenile relationship ideals aren’t your thing, this book won’t be for you. Remember, our MC has never been in a relationship before this.)








Victoria is queen. This must be acknowledged. I also need to get Vengeful in my hands immediately. I don’t know why it took me this long to get to this one, but I regret that. Also, who’s really the bad guy here? This one leaves you twisted.

(It can leave you a bit confused with all the time hopping but..stick with it.)



The Lightning Thief




I get why this is a favorite for so many people. Yes, it’s ridiculous to think twelve and thirteen-year-olds are in charge of saving the world. Yes, it’s ridiculous to think that twelve and thirteen-year-olds are mature enough to figure out the intricacies of the plot (i.e the double crossing). The adults are all stupid, but I like the friendship and the mythology. A lot.

(Give it a miss if you hate the chosen one who’s literally a child YA trope.)







This one took a long time for me to warm up to, and I was thisclose to flouncing, but I stuck with it. And boy was it worth it. That last third of the book was intense. And that CLIFFHANGER?! So cruel.

(Have some patience with this one, as it takes a while before anything REAL happens. But when you get to the twist, they keep on coming.)




Goblet of Fire




I mean, duh! Dark, moody, Dark Moody and so. much. action!



I didn’t realize that I had such highly rated reads until writing this post when my mood certainly wasn’t anything close to positive. I guess that is a testimony to how well these books worked as a form of escapism. Good on them.


What have you been reading?


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