I tried something new (book review)

aka who do I think I am, agreeing to things?



A dying planet.

One ship.

Humanity’s last hope is to reach for the stars.

We spared no expense building the only interstellar colonization ship. We plundered the Earth’s barren crust to shape her hull. Stocked her with the harvests of a famished world. We tore apart families. Denied hope to millions. All so an exceptional few, humanity’s greatest minds and purest hearts, could board her durantium hallways.

But not everyone wants us to reach our destination. And Nassas Duval, a hypochondriac off his meds, must stop them.

Star Phase Exodus is the story of humanity’s ultimate journey. Will we reach the stars, or die trying?

Expected publication: September 28, 2018.



The characters

Margaret Evans – Our friendly (?) neighbourhood Android.


We first meet Margaret at the scene of a very traumatic incident, and you can tell right away that she is more than a little strange.  The way her brain worked could only be described as disturbing, and she gave you gems like ‘humans must understand that sometimes one should sacrifice one’s parts for the greater goods’. There was no emotion marring her thought processing in the beginning and towards the end which caused me some pause every time she thought about getting new body parts. But I really liked her and, during the moments that she wasn’t the focus, I found myself looking forward to when we’d see her again.

Despite eventually liking Margaret, I must say that there aren’t any female characters in this book that wasn’t obsessed with men or emotions in one way or another, which was a bit disappointing. I really wished we could have had one strong female character who wasn’t even a little motivated by a male character.


Nassas Duval – Hypochondriac with a badge!


Oi vey, does this man need his meds. Or does he? Turns out some of his paranoia wasn’t really paranoia after all. Above all of that though, what stood out to me about Nassas wasn’t his hypochondria, it was his personal relationships. On one hand, his marriage is utterly sad and could be considered as nothing other than loveless. On the other hand, his relationship with his brother might be the only positive thing in his life, even though the things they bonded over were questionable.

He also battled with Margaret for most odd character, so…that’s a thing.





The plot


There were two major events which caught me off-guard and broke my heart in one fell swoop, one of which I was able to foresee the new outcome and the other ruined the subplot that I had in my head. Both incidents were traumatic for all parties involved, me most of all.

Aside from that, the summary was more than a little misleading. Up until the last few scenes, the book takes place on earth and there’s no evidence of anyone trying to harm the ship or its passengers, just the foreshadowing of it. I can appreciate a good build up, but I wanted more of what I was promised.

It was entertaining enough.







My thoughts



His writing style is a little choppy, which takes some getting used to, but it isn’t at all intolerable and the ending left me reasonably curious as to the outcome. The characters are tolerable and just this side of likable with storylines that played up their unique traits and was enjoyable enough to keep me reading.






TL;DR: I’d read book two because I hate leaving unfinished things and because Margaret is the right kind of odd.


I would recommend to fans of quirky, scifi fans and to anyone looking for a quick, no commitment read. But give it a miss if you want EXACTLY what the summary promises.



Goodreads: 4.59

BN: 5 (with only one review)

Amazon: 4.7

My rating: 3.5 stars.



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