Wayward Son: Questions I Want Answered

aka the time I gush about Simon and Baz some more.

Okay, this is going to be all over the place because I can’t help myself where SnoBaz is concerned. Secondly, there are going to be some Carry On plot points being discussed, so if you haven’t read it yet (how? why? how dare!) then…proceed with caution.

Does the World of Mages really stay satisfied without a single ruler or does war finally break out?

I know that throughout the entire book there are mentions of all the different families and factions fighting for control and I’m curious to know if this changes now that there isn’t specifically anyone to fight against.

Is the headmistress that was assigned at the end, still in charge now? Is Watford finally better off? Or does she regress it to the time before the Mage where Magic was more elitist? Does she reintroduce the best parts?

I mean, I know that our trio don’t go to Watford any more, but…I’m curious.

Does Simon ever get better at blaming himself and piling too much on?

The synopsis hints at no…but maybe it gets sorted out by the end of the book.

More of Simon coping without his magic. Does he cope? Does he ever get it back? Please can he get it back?!

Linked to the one above really.

Does Simon ever find out his full story? Lucy and Davy? All of it? Not just the bullet points? Does anyone?

Tell me that he does. He deserves to know!!!!

Does Agatha ever send the photo to Simon? Does she ever speak to him again?

Even though Agatha is only -slightlyabove- the Mage in my books, I’d love to see snippets of her being her true self, away from magic, but still being able to enjoy her friends from Watford.

What about the dead spots? Did we ever get the research on how they affect Normals? Does Mr. Bunce finally get his time to shine?!

Maybe the dead spots come in to play in this book, maybe it doesn’t, but it’d be nice to have some closure where that’s concerned.

The Merwolves?

Now that Ebb (whyyyyyy?!) isn’t there to control them anymore, what’s the plan for them?

How is Nico coping? Will he ever not be struck from the Book?

Ebb’s death was the hardest thing I had to deal with in Carry On, and it was made even worse by here and Nicodemus’ bond. I feel like if I get at least a few pages of him coping, then I’ll be able to be at peace with her death to. Also, he deserves redemption!!!!

How did the Mage go so wrong with such an altruistic plan? Does Lucy ever get the closure she needs or will she and Natasha get a second chance at Visiting?

I’m loathe to read more about the Mage because he is AWFUL! but, he started out with such righteous direction and then he just destroys everything. EVERYTHING!!! Lucy and Natasha deserved better than him.

Does Natasha ever find out that Baz has been Turned? Is Rainbow reeeally expecting us to accept that she would have killed Baz? Rude! and Wrong!

That’s it. That’s the question.

Has Malcolm finally warmed up to Simon?

I mean that is Baz’s soulmate, he better! Plus, Simon’s not the Chosen One or the Mage’s Heir anymore, so he has NO REASON to hold a grudge against him.

Is Baz immortal?????? Does he ever have a one on one with Nico to learn more about himself?

This one goes without saying.

Would the Mage never have claimed Simon if he didn’t have to? Are the things that he took ever returned?

We all know that the Mage is trash, but like, how trash though? Rainbow, we need answers.

Do you have any questions that you hope Wayward Son answers? Is there any specific scene that you think HAS to be included?

Dee ^_^

3 thoughts on “Wayward Son: Questions I Want Answered

  1. It just always makes me laugh that the magic school is Watford – which is a random-a** place in London (or, near London anyway… I think. Me and geography aren’t friends!)

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