Magic Dark, Magic Divine by A J Locke – A Mini ARC Review

aka the time I was enthralled throughout the entire book

Falling asleep for almost 300 years was never part of Pennrae’s plan.

Of course, when you’re a mercenary with magical abilities and defy a spellbinding prophecy…bad stuff happens.

Now, magic is long gone from the world. So Penn works as a karate instructor, trying very hard to dodge her hot, flirty, and super annoying colleague, Callan. All is well until a Jigori – a nightmarish magic-eating monster – shows up at a New York City street fair, forcing Penn to use her Shaper magic, which allows her to transform wood and metal into deadly weapons.

Now, the Jigori’s master has her scent, and their eye on stealing her 300 years of life. If they succeed, Penn succumbs to centuries of sleep again, and magic will be unleashed on a completely unprepared world.

And to add to her ridiculously complicated life, something isn’t quite right with Callan. Which she could figure out if it weren’t for that evil, apocalyptic plot she’s trying to stop. But Penn may not have a choice – Callan could be the secret weapon she needs to save the world…

Out Today!

There’s this thing that I usually do, where no matter how much I’m enjoying a book, the closer I get to the end the more I just want to speed through the end to be done with it. I don’t know what causes it, but I feel almost fatigued by the plot, the characters, all of it and the faster I can be out of the world, the better for me.

I did not have that problem with this book.

I wanted to prolong the end of Penn’s journey as much as possible and yet I could not help but speed through. I was having such a great time learning the lore of the world and feeling a part of the band of misfits, that I simply didn’t want to put it down.

What I loved about this one (since you apparently need coherence when doing a review???): the banter and chemistry between the love interests! If this book was nothing but the two of them teasing each other for 300 pages, I would still rave about it. Pennrae and Callan start off at loggerheads, with him being the cocky but irresistible guy and Penn being the independent heroine that refuses to fall for his shit. By the end of it though, I was a puddle at their feet.

If their cavity-inducing cuteness didn’t do it for me, then when Locke added the high stakes of the possible end of the world, a found family and self-discovery, I was sold.

The writing is very accessible and engaging, so you read it a lot quicker than you realize. It is easily a book that I could have read in one sitting if not for self-control and real-life commitments.

Who is this for: I would recommend this to fantasy lovers who want an easy read that doesn’t include gratuitous racism or assault. The villain is a plain and simple power hungry douche, and sometimes, that’s all you need.

(I will now be stalking the author’s socials until there’s some news about book two. If you need me, just…um, don’t?)

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