Fictional Faves

aka I didn’t finish the Tag so I made one of my own?



Favorite Uncle

That one character that you wish was in your family.

Sirius ‘my heart is yours’ Black.

p.s. You can choose an aunty too! No discriminating. I just wanted to be able to include Sirius so I used uncle.



Favorite Troublemaker

This is self-explanatory, right? Trouble and this character are symbiotic.


Kaz ‘what are feelings’ Brekker. Granted, his trouble is always for the benefit of his crew, but still! Chill sometimes, yeah?


(Or the Weasely twins)



Favorite Magical Couple

Their magic doesn’t just stop when the fighting is over.


Simon and Baz (gah, the swooning) made even swoonier by my recent re-read.





Favorite non-magical Couple

So magic doesn’t flow in their veins, but it’s in their blood.


Simon and Blue (maybe my favorite thing is guys named Simon?) But also, gaaah! The mushiness is real with these two.




Favorite best friend duo/group.

Their friendship almost rivals the greatest love stories in history.


Since I created this I’m going to cheat a little and say AIDAN and Kady. I mean, is he not merciful? Ha!


If you do this one, please tag me, I’d love to hear your answers.


Dee ^_^


Horror Villains Halloween Tag

aka This one is ALL MINE (as far as I know)



I created this one last Halloween, and never got around to posting it. Idk how come I never posted it, but, I’m doing it now!!


jason vorhees
A series that just won’t die (seriously, how many books do you need?)

The Southern Vampire Mysteries. Don’t get me wrong, it was a series that I enjoyed while I was reading it, then it just kept grooooowing, and growing. I can’t.





A book that started off cute/fluffy/safe and quickly broke your heart/escalated

This one can have a couple answers, but my first initial answer is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I mean, that ending!


Aisde from that I would choose Carry On by Rainbow Rowell or This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab, both of which were slow burns. You go into them expecting a lot to happen, but it doesn’t. Not until you’ve let your guard down.






pet sematary
A character that bought his/her headache as cheap as it comes

Jackson Oz of Zoo by James Patterson. I mean, he already KNEW about the changes happening with the animals, and yet he has a PET CHIMPANZEE. I am STILL not over this stupidity.






fenrir greyback
Favorite hybrid/shifter story

Full disclosure: I haven’t read very many of these (outside of fanfiction, which I can’t remember half the names of so I can’t rec them here), so my choices are limited. At face value, and the emotions that I  remember having while reading this book, I’d have to say Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.





Favorite paranormal/horror anthology

By default, October Country by Ray Bradbury. It’s the best of the ones I’ve read, so….

Please rec me your favorites???






Favorite adult vampire/paranormal books

Toss up between Black Dagger Brotherhood by J R Ward and Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian. Both hooooot and action packed. If you want to read about a clan of vampires protecting the world from other vampires, with a heavy helping of sex and romance, this is where you start.







freddy krueger
A high fantasy book that you enjoyed

There are so many beautiful options for this one, there’s Heartless and Winter by Marissa Meyer, The Wee Free Men (Discworld) by Terry Pratchet and of course The Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum. The characters, the world, the adventure!





the alien
A horror that features a non-human, non-vampire/shifter character

Off Season by Jack Ketchum. My lord does this book give: The Hills Have Eyes type of vibes. Yiiikes. There is so much gore! Soooo much (and I definitely need to see the movie that I heard it was made into).







A book that scared you beyond words/started your love of the genre

Goosebumps and Fear Street was where it all began. I can still remember staying up on weekends flying through these books. Aaah, the memories.







A character that had a complete turnaround (Predator vs Alien version)

The easy answer would be The Darkling (Grisha series), I mean, the way he started the series is NOT the way he enters book two! But there’s also Jamie Lannister and The Hound from GOT (but since I’ve only watched the tv series and not read the book…)



Until next Halloween,