This isn’t the post I planned…

aka I ran out of time



So, while thoroughly obsessed with all things Carry On atm, I’m also…


– rewatching the entire 6 seasons of Grimm,


Alongside his partner Hank, Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt learns that he is the last descendant of the “Grimms”. In his auspicious new role, he is now responsible for protecting the human world from monsters brought to life from fairy tales.


This was one of those series that I never missed an episode of, and that I was always recommending to everyone. I’ve FINALLY gotten my family interested so it’s a group affair (the best kinds).



– keeping up with Shooter


Based on the novel and film of the same name, the series follows Bob Lee Swagger, a decorated veteran who is recruited back into the fold to stop a Presidential assassination. However, when Swagger’s former commanding officer Isaac Johnson frames him, it is up to Swagger to protect his family and clear his name.


This show is equal parts frustrating and entertaining. I cannot stop!



– and trying to figure out how to cram in the new season of Luke Cage and all of the World Cup games on top of all of that. Gah.


A gritty, action-packed drama that follows the evolution of Luke Cage, from a wrongly accused ex-con to a hero with super strength. After a failed relationship with fellow Marvel superhero Jessica Jones, Cage tries to settle down in Harlem, but the New York criminal element forces him back in, to do battle for his city.


Action packed, chocolatey goodness. Mhmm.


What are your current obsessions?


Currently Reading

aka another one of these?!


Yes, I know that it’s Monday and that I usually do these types of posts on a Friday, but…well, here we are.



As I type this, I’ve just finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which continues to prove one of my favorites in the series. Now I am about to re-enter another world that I love:




I can’t wait to fall in love with Simon and Baz all over again.


What are you currently reading?


Dee ^_^

My dreams are coming true!

Aka I can’t eveeeeen!




Coming 2020


I don’t know if you know this about me (if you’ve been on my blog any time before this you’d know) but I absolutely loved Carry On. I even said that I wished there was a sequel. And then…THIS happened?! OMG!!!

I need this in my hands right now…but I hope that tagline doesn’t mean that SnoBaz is over.





Untitled Six of Crows #3


Coming 2019


I was satisfied with the ending. I had convinced myself that Kaz and Inej would eventually find their way back to each other and live happily ever after. I had told myself that King of Scars would be enough for me. And then Leigh answered my innermost desires. Gah!


Are you looking forward to these two new books? Any of your faves announce a continuation to a story you really wanted more of? Let me know.

Dee ^_^

Faves – Best books of the year…

aka That time that I struggled to make a decision…






This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make all year. I’m sure of it. But, I somehow managed to get it done.


In no particular order, because THAT would have been IMPOSSIBLE to choose, here are my absolute favorite books this year.




If I Die Before I Wake 

I’ve been gushing about this book ever since I read it (see all my gushing here), and honestly, if this didn’t make my list something would be wrong.

Pet Semetary

This was one of those moments where the book and the movie are perfectly in sync, and I truly appreciated that. The spook factor was high. It brought up all the nostalgic feelings of my first time watching the movie and being hooked on Stephen King adaptations.

History Is All You Left Me  

Is this a surprise to anyone who follows my blog? Anyone at all? I don’t think so, because I am the biggest Adam Silvera stan that there ever was, and anything he writes is pure gold as far as I’m concerned. There were tears, but the story in and of itself was simply beautiful. And worth the tears.

They Both Die at the End 

I’m still not over this. It hurts so good. Rufus and Mateo are my new faves tbh. I gushed more here.

Carry On



This one is Becky Albertalli level sweet. Cavities are a guarantee and Baz and Simon are the perfect couple. Also Simon is the best anti-hero ever written. I can see myself rereading this time and again, falling even more in love with their love.






There were so many more amazing books that I read this year, but I couldn’t possibly list them all. What books stayed with you over these 365? Any on my list?