Spookathon Wrap-Up

Up until 8pm last night, I was sure that I wouldn’t have completed all five challenges. But, I managed it???



And I only made one change to my original TBR (which is a miracle in and of itself).




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TBR: Spookathon!

Spookathon is a readathon created by three lovely women (booksandlala, paigespages and bookerly) where horror/thrillers are finally given free reign. This is it’s second year (last year I failed), but I’m determined to do better this time.

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Spoopy Book October



Before I get into what I want to read/might read, I just want to say thank you for your patience. Real life is hard, so thank you for sticking with me through it all. Things haven’t gotten back to normal yet, but they’re close enough.

Aside from my Spookathon TBR (coming later), I’m hoping to get to a few ‘spooky’, ‘paranormal’, ‘magical’ books this month.

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